In February 2015, the Tobermory Harbour Association was awarded a Coastal Community Fund (CCF) Grant. This grant was to provide 8 new moorings for the bay of various sizes, a new Cruise Ship Visitor Shelter, and a new section of coastal path with a viewing platform to connect to the existing Aros Park Path.

The Moorings
The 8 new moorings were installed in May 2015 in time for the busy season and consisted of four 15T, two 25T and two 100T moorings enabling much larger vessels to come and use the bay.  This has proven to be extremely popular.  Two of the 15T moorings were placed at Aros Bay, providing an alternative, quieter location for visitors.  A new fairway was also installed.
The Shelter
The Shelter was completed in April 2015 in time for the start of the cruise ship season.  The Shelter has become a hub for boating and land visitors alike.  It has been a great asset to the THA and is consistently used in all weather.  Its versatility has enabled us to use the shelter for various community events in addition to its main purpose of providing relief to visitors from our inclement weather.


The Path
In October 2015 work commenced on the construction of a new section of coastal path, linking the harbour to the existing Aros Park path via viewing platforms.  Donald Brown and Associates successfully tendered for the work and have created an outstanding transformation to the former plot.  Originally a waste ground left over from the carpark and Tobermory Harbour building construction, the challenge was to create an area that could be attractive for the community and tourists alike.

In December 2015, the Tobermory Harbour Association was awarded a second tranche of funding from the Coastal Community Fund (CCF), an award available only to organisations in receipt of the first tranche.  The money was granted to develop the boat yard area, install a new recycling and waste compound, to install four additional 25T moorings and to meet the costs of an application for the Harbour Empowerment Order.
The CCF aims to encourage the economic development of UK coastal communities by awarding funding to create sustainable economic growth and jobs.  Since the start of the CCF in 2012 they have awarded grants to 218 organisations across the UK to the value of £125 million.  This funding is forecast to deliver over 12,000 jobs and help attract over £240 million of additional funds to coastal areas.  The Big Lottery Fund is delivering the CCF on behalf of UK Government and Devolved Administrations in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

With the CCF Grant, the THA has achieved all of the CCF project outcome indicators.  This funding has enabled employment for four roles within the organisation, that the THA intends to make sustainable positions into the future.  There is a full-time project officer role, currently shared part-time to oversee future developments within the Company.  There is a seasonal Marine Assistant, a seasonal Visitor Experience Guide who currently works in the Aquarium and a Financial Officer for the company.
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