New Harbour Authority in Tobermory 

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A Harbour Empowerment Order (HEO) is a statutory legislation governing a port, which can create and empower Harbour Authorities to undertake works and/or operate and manage or vary their existing harbour powers. Orders may be applied for by any person whose objectives are the improvement, maintenance and management of a harbour for which they are seeking statutory powers or where such powers do not already exist.
Tobermory Harbour Association intends to apply to the Scottish Government for an HEO to give them the legal and regulatory framework to manage the Bay and the existing assets of the Association on behalf of the community. If an HEO is granted, this will ensure the regulation and management of the Bay resides with the community and the THA and not with any remote agencies. A Harbour Authority has the responsibility of ensuring that all the varied interests of the community and its stakeholders’ operate in harmony, both for the common good and for the long-term sustainability of the harbour.

                                                                                                            HEO Plan, Tobermory Bay

Advantages of an HEO

  • in charge of regulating and managing an important local asset on behalf of the community.
  • statutory powers over the Bay for the community.
  • a community vision for the Bay and the Harbour.
  • improvements, management and maintenance of the harbour in an efficient and economical manner.
  • New projects in the harbour will benefit the town and the wider community.
  • facilitate efficient and economical transport of goods or passengers by sea.
  • facilitate the interest of commercial users of the Harbour & Bay.
  • facilitate the interests of the recreational users of the Harbour & Bay.
  • assist the THA to purchase or acquire future assets in the town or Harbour.
  • efficient management and regulation of shipping within the Bay.
  • ensure that all the interests in the Harbour work in harmony.
The HEO submitted to the Scottish Government was granted on 10th June 2017



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