What does becoming a member of the Tobermory Harbour Association mean?

By becoming a member of the Tobermory Harbour Association you are directly involved in shaping the future of the company.

As a member you have a right to vote at general meetings of the THA.

As a member you are bound by the terms of the
Articles of Association and the THA Handbook.

What we ask of our members?

Your main residence must be on the Isle of Mull.  Tobermory Harbour Association values its concept of 'facilities for all', providing excellent facilities which enhance the harbour area.  This has a direct impact on the Island in terms of economy and tourism.  THA wants to safeguard our unique community harbour for future generations.  It is therefore important that as a member you also share this vision and are able to contribute to its success.

We ask that you play an active role in supporting the THA by attending general meetings and sharing your opinions and expectations.

You must be aged 17 or over to become a member.

If you wish to email the application form, please follow the Microsoft Word link below, fill in the form and send to

 Microsoft Word (for filling in and emailing)

If you would prefer to send the application through the post, then please follow the PDF link below and print the form.  Send the completed form to:

Tobermory Harbour Association
Taigh Solais
Isle of Mull
PA75  6NR

PDF (for printing, filling in and then posting)

There are no subscription fees required for membership.  Members should be aware of Articles 10 and 11 'Liability of Members', which states in the event the company is wound up, the member will contribute up to a maximum of £1 to the assets of the company.  Please read the full Articles Articles of Association for more information.

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