Local Moorings

Tobermory Harbour holds exclusive rights to lay and maintain the moorings within the Inner Harbour with the exception of the RNLI and Cal-Mac/CMAL Ferry moorings.
Tobermory Harbour maintains and insures the grid of local mooring blocks, surge chains and ground chains. Each anchor point is known as a 'Mooring Block'.
Boat owners wishing to lease a Mooring Block, onto which they will be given permission to attach their own riser, should apply to the Harbour Office.

Waiting List


The Local Moorings have a waiting list procedure. Local residents owning boats are given preference. 

Please contact the Harbour Office for more.

Pricing Structure


For costs of Local Mooring Block Lease

see the adjacent PDF file.  See the Marine Team for more information.

Visitor Moorings

There are 38 Visitor Moorings for hire in Tobermory Harbour. See Plan of Harbour for positions. 

The Visitor Moorings are coloured blue with a white top,

a yellow pick up buoy and have THA painted on each one.  

  • 28 moorings are suitable for boats up to 38ft/ 15 tons

  • 6 moorings are suitable for boats up to 50ft/ 25 tons

  • 4 moorings are suitable for boats up to 75ft/ 80 tons

Please tie-up to the mooring chain and not to the yellow pick-up buoy.
Only one vessel may use a mooring at any one time.

Pricing Structure


A member of the marine team will visit both the pontoons and moorings between 0800 – 1000 and 1700 – 1900, accepting card or cash.

Prices in the adjacent PDF


If the Marine staff are unable to contact the skipper, please pay at the Harbour Building. There is also an honesty box at the top of the bridge from the pontoons.

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