Harbour Staff
Robert Hemming -
Harbour Master

Robert is responsible for the safety management and maintenance of Tobermory Harbour marine assets and uses his many years of experience within the maritime industry to aid with the progression of Harbour ratification.

Rob Macdonald -
Trainee Harbour Manager

Rob (Not to be confused with Robert!) works in parallel with the Harbour Master. He is responsible for the day to day running of the pontoons, moorings, and land based facilities such as the building and boat park. 

Joe Golledge -
Marine Operations Officer

Formerly part of the Aquarium team, Joe has moved over to the Marine team and works on Harbour facilities and project work.

Jim Traynor -
Marine Assistant

You may recognise Jim as the former Marine Manager. Having taken to retirement in 2017, Jim still lends a hand during our busier times of the year and provides expertise when required.

Anne, formerly Director for HR, has taken up the roll of Acting General Manager. Adept at coordination of the workforce, she provides the drive behind the progression of the organisation.

Working at Tobermory Harbour since 2012, Mary's remit is general accounting, finance and budgeting.

Jenny Hampson -
Project Officer 

Jenny, formerly of Mull Aquarium, has rejoined the team after completing her Masters.

She is responsible for the coordination of the

Aros Waterfront Development Project.

Bernie Edwards -
Janitorial Staff

Bernie started working with Tobermory Harbour in 2010. His duties include early morning safety checks. You may also recognise him around town as the local postman.

Mary Macgregor -
Finance Officer
Anne Fraser -
General Manager
Office Staff
Aquarium Staff
Lyndsey McLaren -
Aquarium Manager
Grace Lambert -
Assistant Aquarium Manager

Lyndsey was the drive for originally setting up

Mull Aquarium back in Spring of 2015 and has operated as Aquarium Manager since. 

Grace has been with the Aquarium since 2016 and held the position of Educational Officer until 2018. Since then, Grace has stepped up as Acting Aquarium Manager while Lynsey was on maternity leave and has now taken the Assistant Management role.

Jenny Wright -
Visitor Experience Assisistant

Jenny originally joined the Aquarium on a seasonal role but now holds the place of Aquarium Assistant. Her role includes organising day to day operations such as delivering educational sessions and maintaining standards of animal health.

Executive Committee

Brian Swinbanks - Chairman/Director

Rory Forrester - Finance Director

Anne Fraser - Acting General Manager

Robert Hemming - Harbour Master

Member Directors

Allan MacLean - Vice Chairman

John MacDonald - Vice Chairman


Jan Dunlop

Helen MacDonald

Steve Littlewood

Vic Linnemann

James Henderson


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